Biographical Sketch

During my PhD at the University of Salzburg (2007-2011), I focused on the enzymatic and structural characterization of three bacterial collagenases. I successfully expressed, purified, crystallized and determined the structure  of collagenase G and H from C. histolyticum, and collagenase T from C. tetani, allowing us to solve the long-standing and intractable puzzle of clostridial collagenolysis. This structural breakthrough together with my biochemical analysis paved the way for how we now envision the turnover of collagen―the most abundant protein in man and one of the most challenging substrates―by bacterial collagenases.

In 2012 I switched gears and joined the lab of Prof. Chris Overall at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Over the last four years, I mastered several cutting-edge omics-based techniques including the positional proteomics technique TAILS (Terminal Amine Isotopic Labeling of Substrates) and the high-throughput protease profiling method PICS (Proteomic Identification of protease Cleavage Sites). I participated in many interdisciplinary and collaborative projects, including profiling various protease families (e.g. type II transmembrane serine proteases, matrix metalloproteinaseses) and elucidating proteolytic processing in health and disease (e.g. dental pulp, skin inflammation).

I have a strong and comprehensive background in protein biochemistry, biophysical methods, and a high level of enthusiasm and team spirit needed for successful research. I love to engage in high quality research, being part of a vibrant team, learning new techniques, and taking up new challenges.